2010 World Hang Gliding Champion Videos a flight with my Son Jonathan.

Together over the skies of Manilla in NSW Australia, whilst away on a long distance flying camp only two gliders got over the range to fly free for a 42 kilometre flight at 2000 metre altitude. The instructor /mentor, Jonny Durand, 2010 World Hang Gliding Champion and my 24 year old son Jonathan Smouha.
WOO HOO! The majesty of flight and soaring in the wind are captivated here.

My special thanks to you,Jonny Durand, for recording the event, enabling Jonathan to share it with all his family and friends, your footage has enabled us to soar and share the exhilaration of flight when hang gliding. (To the degree of imagining it as we “feel” what the vision portrays”).

Jonny Hang Gliding from David Smouha on Vimeo.