December Fifteen Minutes of Fame at Stokers Siding – 2012

December Fifteen Minutes of Fame at Stokers SIding- 2012. from David Smouha on Vimeo.

On the first Friday oy 11 months throughout the year, Stokers Siding Community Hall bounces to the sound of musicians, singers, groups and other talents from near and far.

In December, there is usually some Christmas themes, this month most notably was Wacky Warblers doing A cappella originals for Stokers Siding and AUstralian economic commentaries about Christmas, Fi Fi L’Amour sings and wraps, and two new discoveries were made . . Jaeden Ogston on electric guitar singing like a rock star with a fresh, young (16 y/o) strong in tune voice, and Richmond Newell on acoustic guitar, singing R & B with the sweetest most engaging voice. Simon Janes belted out strong original music playing his own brilliant guitar backing, and Rainer Eichorn finished the evening with some more guitar and amazing vocals, joining with performer Rod Sims singing John Lennon’s Happy Christmas.

A great evening was had by those who got along!