Orchestra(2008) from Ryo_okawara on Vimeo.

A work by inspired by masters of their art – Beethoven’s Symphony No 2 in D Major
Picasso inspired simple line drawings                                                                                                                                                                                                 Ryo Okawara a recent graduate of animation of Japan

共同制作作品 監督・アニメーション/Director・Animation 大川原亮/Ryo Okawara  奥田昌輝/Masaki Okuda 小川雄太郎/Yutaro Ogawa

This animation is brilliant! Simple and complex, interpretive and expressive, fast, changing very rapidly, capturing the emotion of Beethoven’s symphony with Picasso like imagery, and working it’s creativity at the speed of the human mind. A wondrous delight for the imagination.               The work portrays a true sense collaboration of all the artists involved, as if they all worked together. The sensitivity and submission of Ryo Okawara,  Masaki Okuda and Yutaro Ogawa to the integrity of Beethoven’s work is astounding and electrifying in its execution. So rare to see any work of any genre that works in parts at the speed of the imagination of the human mind. Congratulations to the team!